Fantasy Moto
Motosplat and Tigerton MX Schedule Updates.
We shared with everyone that attended Battle of Wisconsin that we are having serious staffing issues for our event at Motosplat next weekend. If you're a regular at Fantasy Moto events you also know it is our goal to provide you with the best events we can EVERY time. We spent the entire week searching for a few people that could step into key roles next weekend without skipping a beat. When we came up empty handed we started working with the District to come up with alternatives so we can still host a second event in Mountain this year.
After a great deal of consideration this is what we've come up with and has been approved by the district.
Motosplat will be moved from Sept 5-6 to Sept 19-20 and the Throwdown at Sundown in Tigerton will now be bumped back one week to Sept 26-27 which was originally scheduled at Sugar Maple.
This is the second year in a row we've had to either cancel or move the labor day weekend event. Its especially hard to do after we had to work so hard early in the year just to overcome the challenges of promoting during Covid-19. Last year was due to personal health issues and this year is due to staffing. I apologize to the racers and fellow promoters for the inconvenience but this move will best allow us to provide you a safe, fun filled event rather than an unorganized $^*& show.
Please share this schedule update and keep an eye on our facebook page and website for details.
Thanks for your understanding.
See you at the races!