June 15,16 Ron Iverson Memorial MX Tigerton


Every one of us probably has someone or a maybe even a group of people we can credit our own love of the sport to.  My love affair with the sport of motocross started some 39 years ago on a small farm in Fairchild, WI where our family would often go to visit my grandparents, aunts and uncles. I would spend countless hours sitting atop my uncles dirt bikes in the "motorcycle shed" day dreaming of a time that I would race myself. When that day finally came my uncle David and his best friend Ronny Iverson took me under their wings and taught me everything they could. At some point in life we reflect upon ourselves and ask how we have contributed to others lives. Ronny did not live a glorious life, nor did always stand out in a crowd. But one thing he did do was contribute to my love of the sport. I like to believe I have made a difference in a few lives through the passion I share and spread through motocross. And through me Ronny has affected so many more people than he could have ever imagined. Ronny lost his battle with cancer a little over a year ago, on my birthday.

I vowed last year that the first event of the season every year from here on would be run in his memory.  I welcome everyone to join us in Tigerton on June 4th for the 2nd Annual Ronny Iverson Memorial MX Race.  We will also be racing on Saturday, June 3rd.

We will feature a 20 minute plus two lap Ronnie Iverson Memorial Ironman race at intermission on Sunday in his memory.  The winner will receive a nice commemorative award.

This is a picture of Ronny and I at Wisconsin Rapids in 1986 with the first trophy I ever won.