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Membership 2018 tttaw


A number of updates for everyone as we come into the 2018 season.
- We are currently working on a new registration/membership system that will be more user friendly for both racers and staff alike. It will hopefully be done very soon as we know many of you are chomping to get your membership. Be patient with us, this will be an improvement for everyone
- GNSS does NOT require you to use Sonoco fuel. FUSE... FUEL is the official fuel of the GNSS - you do NOT have to use FUSE either but we would like you to give it a try. We will once again be bringing FUSE FUEL to the tracks with us in 2018. They have many spec fuels from clean 93 to fully oxygenated higher octane options. They support our local series!
That covers this two most asked questions as of late, we will let you know as soon as the new membership system is up and running.

Two New Classes this year 2018

200 Stock Ages Stock 6-12

200 Improved Ages improved stock 7-16


Arctic Cat ZR 200
Yamaha Sno-Scoot






fuseFuse Fuels is now the official Fuel of the Great Northern Snocross Series: FUSE Race Fuels have the most consistent, most powerful, and cleanest combustion in the industry.   FUSE Race Fuels only use chemical grade components ensuring each batch is produced the same as the last.  Our unleaded Race fuels are not photo sensitive guaranteeing sunlight will not attack the fuel and erode the fuels octane.   Whether you need conventional fuels, oxygenated fuels, or fuel additives we have you covered.    When you depend on power, consistency, and component life… depend on FUSE Fuels. GNSS has agreed so make Fuse Comp L110 available at the track for our racers.  A 5 gallon pail sells for $50.  We bring limited quantities so please let us know ahead of time if you want some brought to the race.  Email scottyb@fantasymoto.com to make sure we have some for you on race day. 





Trail Class

GNSS will go with transponders this year, It's official, we are taking the Great Northern Snocross Series to the next level in 2017 with electronic transponder scoring. We will be using the same system they use at the ISOC Nationals. If you don't own a transponder we will have up to 40 of them to rent on race weekends. Please spread the word!!

We will have a link to purchase of transponders. Purchase price is $95. If they have one for Isoc nationals it will work for gnss.  If they do not want to purchase they can also rent one for $25 per event.   We will place a bulk order and have them ready for ironwood.





120 classes:  What you used to know as our STOCK 120 classes have been renamed Improved Stock.  We now have one stock class which means bone STOCK – no modifications allowed including gearing.  This class is meant for first time racers as in introduction to snocross.

Two season long promotions meant to help us build snocross in Wisconsin:
Bring a first time Trail Stock rider/entrant with you to the races and receive a $25 coupon toward a race of your choice – this promotion is good for the entire season.
Also, first time 120 racers new to the GNSS will get a buy the first class and get the 2nd class for FREE – again, valid at all events this year. 


Points/Showdown Clarification:

You must run 75% of the scheduled races (6 of 8) in order to qualify for year end points/awards and the Showdown at Lake Geneva. There are NOT any throw out races for our series. You must make 6 of 8 events in order to be ELIGIBLE for the showdown or year end points. That does NOT mean you throw two races out. Example: You win every heat and main event you compete in but only attend 5 of 8 races which lands u in the top three in points. Result: you do NOT get to attend the showdown or receive series awards because you did not compete in the minimum number of events (6).   If you make all 8 events, then all 8 of them count towards points, if you only make 6 or 7 events then those 6-7 events count towards points.  If you only make 5 events you will not be figured into the year end points. We do hope this clears a few things up.

Contact:  Scott Biese at 920-419-2863

In the days leading up to the event I am very difficult to contact since I am generally on-site preparing for the event.  I do NOT have access to email on the Thursday or Friday prior to the event.  Please plan ahead with your question and contact me early.

ALL racers and crew wishing to enter the staging area (Hot Pits) must have an ISR membership in order to compete in 2015. This is what allows GNSS to eliminate the per class “Insurance” charge from past years. Please sign up at Insurance. Print your receipt or email confirmation and carry it with you until your hard card arrives in the mail. One day USAC memberships are available at the track only for $25.

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